Rainbow Black Jewellery Set

Rainbow Black Jewellery Set

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Our jewellery is made with non-toxic, high quality food-grade silicone. This flexible yet firm material gives babies a great chew whilst being kind on tender gums.

Our multi-award winning jewellery is designed to be safe to chew on for babies, whilst being a stylish accessory for mums. The beads soothe sore gums when teething and give babies something to play with when breastfeeding or in a baby carrier. Our teething bracelets are bendy and comfortable to wear and keep babies occupied during nappy changes, mummy lunch dates and when being cuddled in your lap.

Our jewellery acts as a teether on the go and enhances tactile awareness when babies tug, touch and teethe on it.

Our jewellery is easy to wash and sterilise (food-grade silicone is the same material as a pacifier or bottle teat).


  • All jewellery can be washed and sterilised
  • Food-grade silicone is odourless, tasteless and BPA/Phthalate free
  • All our products are safety tested in the UK using European Safety Standards
  • Strong, durable satin cord which is triple knotted to prevent beads from moving
  • Breakaway safety clasp which will pop open if baby gives the necklace a strong tug
  • Necklace is approximately 80cm in length
  • Bead size: 17mm hexagon bead and 15mm round beads
  • Bracelet Internal Diameter is 6.2cm/2.5″ and band width is 1.5cm/0.5″

Safety Notice: This is not a toy. Num Num Teething Jewellery is to be worn by adults only and played with/chewed by babies under adult supervision. Inspect for damage on every use and do not use if damaged. See FAQs for full safety information.

62 reviews for Rainbow Black Jewellery Set

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