What are the beads on my Num Num made from?

Our jewellery is made from food-grade silicone which is used in things like pacifiers, bottle teats and kitchen utensils.  It is completely non-toxic and is BPA, PVC, phthalate, latex and lead free. Food-grade silicone is odourless, tasteless and will not support the growth of bacteria or mould.

Can I give my Num Num to my baby?

No – our jewellery is not a toy and is to be worn by adults only as the long cord is not safe for babies to be left with unsupervised.  It is safe for babies to tug, touch and teethe on Num Nums while worn by an adult.  All of our jewellery has a plastic breakaway clasp which safely pops apart if you baby gives it a stromg tug and can easily be popped back together again.

How do I clean my Num Num?

Num Num Teething Jewellery can be washed a sterilised.  To avoid discolouration of the cord, we recommend that our jewellery is handwashed with a mild soap.  Let your Num Num cool completely before handling/using.

Do you recommend I wash my Num Num prior to first use?

Yes. Like anything you give to your baby to put in their mouth, we would recommend you give it a wash first.

Will my baby break the jewellery?

Our jewellery is hard-wearing and any bite marks should pop back out within 24 hours. Please regularly check the cord, beads and clasp for signs of wear and tear and replace when required.

Where are Num Nums made?

All our jewellery is designed and made by Num Num Mum Jen in Scotland.  We do import the component parts but we ensure that everything we use has been properly tested and meets all necessary safety standards.  Our Tiny CEO, Hannah, chew tests all new products to make sure they will be loved by babies everywhere.

How quickly will my order be dispatched?

We dispatch all orders by first class post within 2 working days and often orders are sent out same day or next-day! International orders are shipped by first class post and can vary in delivery times depending on the location.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes!  We offer shipping anywhere within the EU.  If you live outside the EU and would love a Num Num, send us an email and we will let you know shipping costs to your country.

Do you do wholesale?

Yes, we do. You can get more details by emailing us at: numnumnecklaces@yahoo.co.uk. Please supply us with some information about your shop, including name and location.

What is your returns policy?

You can find out more about our returns policy here.

Can I view your full terms & conditions?

Yes, there are available in full here.