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Chew on That – Safety First

At Num Num HQ we take safety very seriously. There is a lot of teething jewellery on the market and one of the things which sets up apart is the level of safety testing our jewellery goes through.

All of our jewellery is hand-made by Jen, the Num Num Mum who created this business. However, Jen doesn’t actually make the beads (they need to be made in a specialist silicone factory). This is the case for all teething jewellery businesses. The factory we use provides us with a safety certificate and we know a lot of businesses simply rely on that certificate and say the product is safe without any further testing.

Despite the fact that testing is really expensive, we don’t rely on third party testing certificates. All of our products are safety tested in the UK. We test the quality of the silicone used in the beads, the strength and dye which is in our cord and the durability of our plastic break away clasps. We have had the overall construction of the necklaces tested to make sure no beads can escape and our knots are secure. The beads we use also undergo a “bite test” to ensure that little teeth can’t bite through them – no matter how hard they try!

As a Mum, Jen feels that safety and knowing what you are putting into your baby’s mouth is crucial and she would never sell anything which she wouldn’t give to her own children.  So you can be sure, when you buy from us, you are buying a safe, durable and stylish product.

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Top 5 Num Nums

Are you buying a Num Num as a gift and don’t know which one to go for? Here is our top 5 Num Nums and why they are so popular with both Mums and Babies!
Our classic Rainbow necklace is our number one best seller. The rainbow colours will brighten up any outfit on even the rainiest day. Babies are attracted to the bright colours and will love to give this necklace a chew. RRP £11.99
Our Lucy in Blue & Cream necklace is a popular choice. This necklace has lots of hexagon beads which is the most popular bead for chewing satisfaction for babies and the colour pallet is modern and fashionable for mum. RRP £13.99
Our Emma in Black pendant is a subtle necklace. Being all black, it is easy to coordinate for mums who prefer a sophisticated look and babies love the square beads to spin and chew on. RRP £11.99
Sophie in Blue is another excellent choice. The blue colour scheme will go with any outfit for mum and the chewable hexagons make a great teething choice for babies. RRP £11.9
Our Beth in Monochrome necklace is always a hit with Mums and babies. It has some of every bead in its design so provides lots of chewing variety for babies. Mums love a monochrome pallet which always makes a bold statement. RRP £13.99