Num Num Teething Jewellery is a mum-made business providing beautiful, chewable teething necklaces and bracelets for mums to wear and babies to tug, touch and teethe on.

Num Num Teething Jewellery was set up by Num Num Mum Jen after she wasn’t able to find a stylish teething necklace to wear when Num Num’s tiny CEO Hannah started teething.  Jen had to stop wearing her pre-baby jewellery as it was either unsafe for Hannah to chew or broken by little hands.  Jen loves jewellery so she had to find an alternative!

Our jewellery is made from squeezable food-grade silicone (the same material as a pacifier) which is flexible yet firm.  It is perfect for chewing on while teething, or playing with when breastfeeding or being carried while being kind on babies’ tender gums.

See below for our full range of jewellery.


Our most popular design, mums and babies love the mix of wonderfully chewy 17mm hexagons combined with 15mm and 12mm round beads.  Lucy is a real beauty and comes in lots of colour combinations so there is definitely a perfect Lucy for everyone. Length: 80cm.


Hannah is a wonderful style for babies who needs lots to chew on.  The multi-beaded sections give babies chewing oppertunities during teething, nursing, and babywearing. Made up of 2cm multifaceted square beads and round beads. Length 85cm.


Bright and colourful, our Rainbow necklaces bring a smile on even the most rainy day! Babies love playing with the tactile 17mm hexagons and 15mm round beads while mums get a pop of colour to brighten up their outfit. Length: 80cm.


This design is one of our originals and has been popular with mums and babies alike since day one.  We particularly love our nautical red, navy and white Gwyneth. Made up of 17mm hexagons, 15mm and 12mm round beads there is plenty for babies to chew. Length: 80cm.


Named after Num Num Mum Jen, this necklace has a simple and stylish look and comes in lots of fun colour combinations! There are different shapes and sizes for babies to chew in this design with 17mm hexagons, 19mm and 12mm round beads. Length: 80cm.


Sweet little Beth has some of almost every bead in her design! This necklace is made up of 12mm, 15mm and 19mm round beads, a 17mm hexagon and a 4cm oval so there will always be something your baby wants to chew! Length: 80cm.


Simple and stylish, our Sophie design comes in lots of colour combinations and always stands out against any outfit. Sophie is made up of five of our beautiful 17mm hexagon beads which are multifaceted so provide excellent chewing for teething babies. Length: 80cm.


This design is particularly suited for bigger babies as our gorgeous ovals measure 4cm and are great for bringing through molars! Our Poppy design also has some lovely 15mm and 12m round beads for chewing variety. Length: 82cm.


Great for popping on to go out to lunch, this beautiful pendant will keep your baby entertained when sitting in your lap as they can chew and twirl the 2cm square beads and the 12mm and 15mm round beads. Length: 80cm.


This design reminds us of the seaside with its mix of lovely blue shades. It is a petite design but still makes an impact and should brighten up any outfit. The 19mm round beads provide a great chew for babies. Length: 80cm.


Isla makes a big statement and gives babies a big chew!  Made up of three chunky 4cm by 8cm flat beads, this necklaces is a perfect teether on the go and looks stylish for mums. Length 80cm